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Filtered Coffee

January 2024

$11.45 lb. / $13.95 lb. SWP Decaf


Nutty Irishman

Chocolate Liqueuer, Hazelnut & Vanilla Creme

Irish Butter Cream

Butterscotch, Vanilla & Rum Notes

Chocolate Irish Cream

Irish Cream mixed with Chocolate

Our Coffee

Perfectly Roasted, Every Time. 

Whatever your preference for your morning cup of joe, we have you covered. 

Take a look at our complete list of light, medium, and dark roasts, as well as our blends and flavored coffee. 

Call us at (616) 866-2900 when you are ready to order!

Our Tea

Loose Leaf Tea for any occasion.

From earl grey to green and everything in between, we have a tea that is perfect for you.


Take a look at our comprehensive list of bulk, loose leaf teas and call the store when you are ready to order!

Cup of Tea


The Coffee Ranch dates back to 1901, and was founded in downtown Grand Rapids.

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