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Planning a party or event and need delicious food to impress your guests? Look no further than Herman's Boy
Party Ideas Menu! 
Let us handle the cooking, you just get ready for the party. Our team will guide you in selecting
the perfect quantity and variety of dishes for your event.  Your order is freshly prepared
the day before your event and conveniently packaged for easy pickup and reheating.
                           Call us today to place your order for your next event. (616) 866-2900                                                                               

Party Ideas
Pulled Pork $9.95/ lb.
6-8 servings per pound
Pulled Chicken $9.95/ lb.
6-8 servings per pound
Mac & Cheese $6.00 / lb.
3-4 servings per pound
Baked Beans $6.00/ lb.
3-4 servings per pound
Cole Slaw $6.00/ lb.
5-6 servings per pound

Snack Trays

Dessert Tray A:
24 brownie bites and 24
cookie wedges.

Dessert Tray B:
24 brownie bites, 24 cookie wedges
& 24 Flourless cookies.
       Baked Good Combo A:                12 bagels quartered and 1 container
of cream cheese.
Baked Good Combo B:
24 bagels sliced and 3 containers
of cream cheese.

Baked Goods Combo C:
24 bagels sliced and 3 containers
of cream cheese with 24 health
bar bites.

 Bagel Varieties: Plain, Parmesan, Rye,
Ultimate, Onion, Jalapeno Cheddar,
Whole Wheat, Cinnamon Raisin,
Cranberry, Blue Berry

Cream Cheeses: Plain, Blue Berry,
Cinnamon Apple & Spinach Dill

All trays must be ordered a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Holiday Seasons may require longer notice and cut-off dates. Prices are variable. 

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